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Jessie and James BuddyPoke Papercraft Models by Skele-kitty
Jessie and James BuddyPoke Papercraft Models
I meant to upload this years ago! I know, it's pretty slack, but better late than never. I had customised a couple of Budypoke models to look like Jessie and James ... well, as close to the Team Rocket characters as the templates would allow me to edit them. Even if they aren't exactly perfect, they are still pretty darn cute :D

I gave them a number of expressions, including: looking at each other sideways, happy, screaming, surprised, evil, giggling, and a particular look I just can't explain. 

Enjoy and have fun.
Siege Mode Tardis Papercraft by Skele-kitty
Siege Mode Tardis Papercraft
I'm a little surprised that no one has already made this model, but here's my quick effort. I don't think the background lines are correct – I suspect that they are supposed to join up at the corners, but I'm not sure, as getting a really good look at the Siege Mode Tardis was tricky! Also, each face is different, but as it is a "Cubeecraft" (kind of, I guess), it's reasonably simplified. 

I noticed that there was some sort of writing on each side, in ... Old High Gallifreyan, perhaps? But as I don't know what it says or, more importantly, how to write Old High Gallifreyan I kind of left that part off. 

But, I can't figure out how to add the PDF to this subission. Anyone got any clues? Because I am more than happy to share it.

Um ... try this link? It might work, I dunno.
Inside Epidemic the Board Game by Skele-kitty
Inside Epidemic the Board Game
It's so nice that people seem to be genuinely interested in my board game, so here are a couple more photos. Bear in mind that this was a student project and was made with limited finances and resources - a commercial produced game would probably be more resolved, e.g.: the tokens would be a single unit instead of the magnetic base and pill, and the tie-in ribbon mechanism would be replaced with something more practical and relevant. 

If you really did want a board game like this, and if I were to do a crowdfunded thing: 
1. What extra items/objects would you like to see include?
2. What changes would you suggest?
3. How much would you expect to pay for a board game like this?
4. Would you pledge more if it came with additional cards (taking the communicable diseases from 60 to 100)?
5. Would you like to see an digital version for the smart phone?

"The aim of the game is to travel along your path, from your home square (at the corner of the board) to the "sterile zone" in the centre of the board, whilst trying to avoid contracting any diseases. Each time you land on a "bandaid" square, you must take a card. These cards can be positive, negative or neutral. Neutrals are fun facts and do not affect your position in the game. Positive are cures, remedies, medicine, etc, which you can use to aid your journey to the winning line.  Negative cards are diseases. There are 60 communicable diseases that the players can potentially contract: parasites to STIs; viral to bacterial. These illnesses vary in severity, some infections are mild, whereas, some are terminal and these cards will affect your position in the game.

LEFT: the opened game box and all of the game's components, including  a one-colour instruction manual - which contains a 6-page glossary of microbiological and medical terminology, because, for example: the average person may not know what a "zoonosis" is? 

RIGHT: examples of the cards 
- Negative (Ebola) a detailed description of the disease the player has just "contracted", symptoms, and remedies (if there are any)
- Positive (misdiagnosis), and 
- Neutral (the fun facts of Mumps) 

All suggestions/comments/feedback welcome
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Well, after three years, I am officially not a student any more! Not that I have nothing to do - I'm busy project managing our end of year exhibition, which has been way more stressful than anything I had to deal with while I was studying! I've had two job offers - one of which I passed off to a friend because I don't want to be a web designer, and the other ... well, we will see what happens with that on Wednesday, when I go talk to them. I've learned so much, and I highly recommend doing a diploma over a degree because of all the technical skills you learn as well as the theoretical ones. This journey has been brilliant and I have enjoyed every single moment of it.

Anyway, I've been working on my website and it is still a work in progress. I've posted a small proportion of my work on it so far, and I have a long way to go, still. I really don't enjoy working on web-stuff, but I can understand why people get a real kick out of doing it. The coding just does my head in, so I choose not to do it, lol! Anyway, back to organising the exhibition. If you're in Melbourne, Australia on the 6th of December, come to our exhibition… it'll be ... free beer!


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Aileen Smith
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Graphic Designer, structural engineer, packaging designer, co-founder of the papercraft website

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Do you mind on making a lucario and a riolu because these 2 are my best ones!

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I am not in the business of making papercraft any longer. It's been a long time since I made one, in fact. You could ask some of the active members of Paperpokes, it could be already made or a work in progress.
SonicFanPokemonFan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh ok thanks!😊
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